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Cycling and mountain biking in Ardeche: take on the trails of Ardeche

Ardeche, with its varied reliefs, offers the ideal terrain for cycling and mountain biking. Cycling guides can lead you to the most exceptional sites of Ardeche.
Small paths shaded by trees, secure itineraries, rugged trails… Cyclist will find their pleasure thanks to the diversity of Ardeche’s countryside. Cycling in Ardeche means you will be journeying through breathtaking landscapes. During your cycling trips, you will come across majestic cliffs, gushing rivers, but also, small, quaint, welcoming villages.
With family or friends, hire bikes for the day or half-day and take to the Ardeche trails. If you desire, you can also hire a local guide, who will advise you on the best itineraries. If you opt for mountain biking in Ardeche, your guide can adapt the itinerary to suit your experience level, from a choice of gentle paths to steep mountain passes leading to the most beautiful views.