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Canoe kayak monitors

24 Canoe kayak monitors

Canoe kayak in the gorges of Ardeche: visiting the region on water

With its numerous lakes and streams, Ardeche is a region ideal for canoeing and kayaking. A local guide can help you discover the most beautiful places in the region.
With family or friends, enjoy a canoeing trip in Ardeche. Canoeing is a water-based activity ideal for discovering the wilder parts of Ardeche’s gorges. During your canoe ride, you will be able to see the deep cliffs, pass under majestic arches and traverse the rapids.
Kayaking in Ardeche is an excellent activity to make the most of the amazing environment. Book the company of a guide to help you discover the secrets of the Ardeche landscapes. A guide will be able to take you as close as possible to the most incredible sites of the region. He or she will also offer valuable advice on how best to practice this sport in total safety. You will find many water sports centres for kayaking in the gorges of Ardeche.