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Canoe or kayak hire in Ardeche: journey into the heart of the gorges

For water sports lovers, the descent by canoe or kayak in Ardeche will prove most satisfying. Clubs offer hire of high performance equipment for a totally safe outing.
For thousands of years, Ardeche has developed many canyons, creating exceptional sites ideal for kayaking and canoeing. Contact a canoeing club in Ardeche, get equipped and set off on a canoe ride with family and friends. You can also opt for an Ardeche descent in the company of a guide. A guide will lead you to the best sites in the heart of the gorges, as well as offer you the practical tips.
The canoe or kayak rental clubs in Ardeche provide equipment of high quality and in good condition. They can advise you about the best itineraries in line with your experience level. The more experienced riders can book a day long tour or a trek lasting several days. Beginners will be able to take their first ride in total safety during an escapade of a few hours on more tranquil water ways.