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Fishing in Ardeche, an activity in the heart of nature

With so many streams and rivers rich in fish, Ardeche is a must-visit region for those who would love to go fishing during their holiday. Recreational fishing, fly fishing, bait fishing, pole fishing, in a canoe, No Kill trails, Night Carp trails… Ardeche offers so many possibilities for fishing lovers.  
Fishing in Ardeche, means making the most of the varied wilderness of the region.  Populated with trout, pikes and also white clawed crayfish, the waters of Ardeche offer boundless pleasures, if you enjoy fishing in the heart of nature.
To make the most of fishing in Ardeche, book a guide who will help you discover the best fishing spots: the lakes of Ardeche, the Haute Ardeche region, the Coiron and the Boutières, the Ardeche mountain region, the Rhone Valley, etc. From quiet streams to gushing rivers and lakes; Ardeche offers so many fishing opportunities for beginners and experienced fishermen.