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Guided hikes A mountain to live on

Opening hours: Du 01/01 au 31/12

For All. Walk 1/2 day to the roaming, I accompany you to the discovery of an Ardeche unsuspected beauty and diversity, a rough and endearing territory but a great fragility. The mountain is so much more beautiful shared…

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Accompanied hiking, all audiences, children, schools, holiday center, public in difficulty, disabled. Theme walk, discovery of the environment, fauna, flora, geology. Sports hikes. Custom hiking. Walk with donkeys. Sport health
Pebbles in lichen, lichen in bloom, flowers in butterflies, butterflies in beetles, beetles in chestnuts, chestnut in beech, to be in the forest, forest in deer, deer in heath, moor in birds, birds in greenhouse, from greenhouse to juice, from the Ardèche to the plateaus, I accompany you on a hike, nature is so much more beautiful shared…


Adult: from 15 €
Child: from 10 €
Fee: from 150 €.

Free entry for the drivers, teachers.

Equipments and services

Equipments : Car park
Services : Pets welcome

Opening times

All year round, daily. Subject to favorable weather.


Spoken languages : English

Guided hikes A mountain to live on

Guided hikes A mountain to live on
1365 chemin du Serre
07380 Jaujac

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The Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardeche

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