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Activities - Ski and mountain bike stations

8 Activities - Ski and mountain bike stations

Ski and mountain biking domains: discovering the slopes of Ardeche

For ski lovers and mountain bikers alike, Ardeche offers a vast choice of slopes and trails. Whatever your skill level, you will the best sites for practicing your favourite sport.
The low mountains of Ardeche are ideal for cross-country skiing. Diverse domains expand into the heart of Ardeches’s mountains, such as the Espace Liberté Nordique in Sainte-Eulalie, the Chavade-Bel Air in Astet or the Croix de Bauzon resort in Borne. Even if Nordic skiing is the major snow sport in Ardeche, La Croix de Bauzon ski resort has slopes for alpine skiing and snowboarding.
With rough paths all across a breathtaking landscape, Ardeche is also appreciated by mountain bikers. The different domains are open for this very sport. In Sainte-Eulalie, the mountain bike area offers 300km of marked trails. The mountain bike area in Cevenne Et Montagne proposes 400km of marked itineraries in the heart of the Tanargue mountain range. The snow-covered mountains of Ardeche allow you to discover new activities with family and friends: snowtubing, dog-sledding, snowshoeing and ski touring for the more experienced skiers.