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53 Speleo and climbing monitors



Caving in Ardèche

Head down through history

​Beneath the surface of Ardèche, a multitude of caverns offer caving enthusiasts the chance to explore a very different side of the natural landscape.
Throughout the year, head underground to discover geological formations that are imperceptibly changing every day; amazing underground lakes and rivers ; and hidden archeological remains.

Safety always comes first

Caves can only be visited with a highly qualified guide and, in spring and late summer, be sure to listen to the weather forecast before entering any caves.
Descents will be cancelled if violent storms or heavy rains could jeopardise safety underground.

Rock climbing in Ardèche

Ardèche is one of the leading departments in France for rock climbing, offering surfaces for every standard of climber from gentle slopes through to volcanic mountains and steep gorges.
Both novices and enthusiasts can enjoy their sport in complete safety and surrounded by stunning views.

All year round, whether you’re taking your first tentative steps up the rock face or have hours of climbing experience behind you, you’ll find qualified instructors able to help you perfect your technique.

In Ardèche, respect for the environment is paramount
So everybody here understands if certain sites are closed to climbers occasionally because of nesting eagles or vultures...
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