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Activities - Swimming pools, aquaparks, lakes

54 Activities - Swimming pools, aquaparks, lakes


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Swimming pools, streams, aquatic parks: enjoy the pleasures of bathing in Ardeche

Whether you prefer swimming pools, aquatic parks or natural streams and rivers, you will find several places to enjoy swimming and bathing in Ardeche.
With its multitude of streams, rivers and lakes, Ardeche offers numerous possibilities for swimming in a natural setting: beach facilities on the river banks, bathing in the Borne gorges, in the Chambeau lake in Le Cheylard… Enjoy the pleasures of water and bathing in a lusciously green setting, in the heart of Ardeche’s wilderness.
Swimming is also possible in Ardeche thanks to the many local swimming pools. Some are indoor or covered pools, others out outdoor pools, ideal for enjoying the mild Ardeche climate. For a fun afternoon, visit the aquatic parks such as the Aqua’Ardeche, in Villeneuve-de-Berg, which proposes several pools and slides.
The waters ports centres in Chauvet Plage, Lac de Devesset or Lac d’Issarlès offer a wide choice of fun water activities: pedal boats, canoeing, paddling, water ball…