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Jeux de piste en Ardèche

70 Treasure hunt in Ardeche



Trail games in Ardeche: an original activity for all the family

Trail games and treasure hunts are perfect for spending a day in joy and fun with family or friends. You will have many enigmas to solve and treasures to find in Ardeche.
A treasure hunt will amaze both young and old. With the treasure hunt, “Ouvrez l’Oeil” (open your eyes), your powers of observation will be tested. This free activity allows you to visit the villages of Ardeche in a fun way: Vinezac, Banne, Jaujac, Alba-la-Romaine, Chassiers… the enigma surrounding the “Chambre des mystères” (room of mysteries) may be solved in the escape game in Lamastre.
The « Butinez en famille » trail game is also available for different levels. During these trail games, you will be exploring the villages of Joyeuse, Payzac and Ribes. Other trails welcome you in Privas, Boucieu-le-Roi, Balazuc, Ruoms and Lamastre.
Geocaching is an excellent way to explore Ardeche and discover its most beautiful sites. With GPS details provided for you, you will set out to find the hidden containers or geocaches in the region.