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Activities - Wellness equipment rentals

21 Activities - Wellness equipment rentals

Enhance your wellbeing in Ardeche thanks to the thermal spas

The spas, balneotherapy facilities and thermal baths in Ardeche will help you to recharge batteries. Make the most of the healing powers of the waters of Ardeche, as well as, the body treatments offered by the various establishments in the region.
Among the many wellbeing activities available, there is a choice of thermal baths. In Saint-Laurent-les-Bains, Vals-les-Bains and Neyrac-les-Bains, the waters have numerous properties. Thanks to the thermal baths of Ardeche, visitors can cure skin diseases, allergies and digestive disorders. The thermal spa establishments also propose several body care treatments: hair removal, massage, spa showers…
 You can also experience wellbeing in Ardeche with a visit to the local spas in Faugeres, Saint-Clair or Rosieres. Set in verdant landscapes, the spas offer aromatic baths, sessions in a sauna and hammam, steam baths and a choice of treatments. Some spas sell natural beauty products and herbal teas to help you care for your body with nature’s gifts.