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Chestnut and Wine

Gastronomy in Ardeche is full of surprises with local products and cooking specialities! Wine, chestnuts, cheeses, honeys and blueberries, olives and meridional olive oils.
The Ardeche wines are the opportunity of unforgettable meetings: 2 wine destinations labellised 'Vineyards and Discoveries', 4 Grands Crus famous for their characters but also AOP wines offering a diversity of fruity white and generous red with meridional accents and 'IGP' wines -Protected Geographical Indications- from Southern Ardeche. 
The chestnut is the king fruit in Ardeche, covering slopes and terraced landscapes. Fresh or dry chestnuts, chestnut flour, chestnut purée, entire peeled chestnuts or pieces of dry chestnuts: so many savours to discover with the 'AOP Châtaigne d'Ardèche'. And for the real greedy people, the 'marron glacé' is just an unavoidable sweet!
In a nutshell, a large choice to awaken your taste buds!

Ready to be amazed