Villeneuve-de-Berg hides private mansions through roads of its village center. During the 19th century, living rooms of several mansions of the Grand'Rue and living room of the " Hôtel des Astars" have been transformed on silk culture for silkworms.
1 – Hôtel des Astars
The ” Hôtel des Astars ” is situated ” rue Toutes Aures “. It has absorbed a tower of 5 meters diameter, in the south-west of the ancient fortified town.
At the first floor, we can see a french window on a small balcony. This balcony is a building limestone decorates by an ironworks of the 18th century with curves and reverse curves.
At the ground floor, the door is also surrounded by building stones, lintel and a beautiful cornice.
King Louis XIV slept in this private mansion during nights of 4 and 5 June 1629.

2 – Hôtel de Malmazet
Situated on the Grand’Rue, the private mansion was in first the property of lords of Saint-Andéol, then in 1625, of the judge Tardieu, and finally in the 18th century, of Monsieur de Malmazet, magistrate of the “sénéchaussée”.
It is a large and basic building. The frontage is underlined by two stones borders in relief, separating the ground-floor and the two storeys.
The door is surrounded by moulding columns and we can see under an ironworks monogram. In the vast entrance hall, we find large stairs lined by an ironworks handrail.
Only the left part of the building has conserved superb ironworks of balconies, at the first floor.
Monsieur Vic de Clemont, of the Toulouse’s Parliament, slept in this mansion the night of the 4th July 1781.

3 – Hôtel du Sénéchal
The private mansion is situated on the ” rue Principale “.
The Renaissance doorway has a lowered arch decorates by a beautiful floral key.
A Louis XV balcony sits on the top of the door. It is in stone building, with an ironworks handrail of the 18th century, classified as Historical Monument.
A large stair is lined by a frieze sculpted on the rock and representing a Greek fret. It has also an ironworks handrail.
At the first floor, walls were ornamented by beautiful woodworks with fine mouldings.
At the second floor, between the two windows and the french window of the loggia, we can see four columns decorate of Acanthus leaves.
In each side of the frontage, between the two storeys, a sculpted pattern on the rock sit on the top of each pilaster.

4 – Hôtel des Nicolay-Barjac
A large carriage door of Louis XIV is under the monumental porch. We can see a semicircle at ironworks pattern and a framework of striped building stones. The lintel has supported vases during the past.
Indoors, we discover a large entrance hall and a central gallery at two superimposed storeys.
In 1789, 148 people of the gently of the “Vivarais” area elect theirs deputies for the “Etats Généraux de Versailles”: the marquis of Vogüé and the count of Antraïgues. This election takes place on the old ceremonial hall.
The ceiling of this ceremonial hall, the frontage and the roof are classified as Historical Monument in 1981.

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