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Eric Pijnaken - Pélerinage au Japon Eric Pijnaken - Pélerinage au Japon
Eric Pijnaken - Pélerinage au Japon Eric Pijnaken - Pélerinage au Japon

Exhibition : Photographs by Eric Pijnaken

Opening hours: Du 01/09/2019 au 30/09/2019

Eric Pijnaken and his wife leave in the autumn of 2018 for a 2nd pilgrimage of Shingon Buddhism on Shikoku Island with the colors of Japanese maples ("Koyo"). The first was done in spring 2015 at the time of cherry blossoms ("Sakura").

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Opening on 1.09 at 18h.

Great lovers of Japan, my wife and I undertook in the autumn of 2018 a second pilgrimage of Shingon Buddhism on Shikoku Island. The first in the spring of 2015 when the time of the cherry blossoms ("Sakura") dazzled us. For 2018 we chose autumn where Japanese maples let their glowing leaves ("Koyo") burst.
Although the pilgrimage takes place in Shikoku (1200 km on foot to visit 88 temples), we still had time to visit temples in Miyajima, Kyoto, Nara and the Shingon Teaching Center in Koyasan (with the largest and largest old cemetery of Japan). All this on the main island Honshu.
With the bag on our back, we crossed forests, fields, many roads and tunnels, and would stay in guest houses for pilgrims (Ohenro), where we can take a relaxing hot bath. Walking is immersed in the Japanese culture which is on the ultra-modern side (we see heated toilets with a water cleaning of the buttocks, even in the smallest village) while respecting at the same time everything that been developed for thousands of years. So religion is not something abstract. It is alive and well, while Shintoism and Buddhism go well together. In most houses one finds the shinto altar side by side with the Buddhist altar. The Japanese have another perception of time. They really stop to guide you if you are lost without ever being impatient. They offer you their time and attention. During the pilgrimage (which the Japanese highly estimate) one feels worn. They are enthusiastic when we do our little ritual in front of a temple.
For this exhibition we chose to show you a lot of nature: the splendid scenery that surrounded us and touched us. In a way, our inner work was reflected in the outside.

eric & inge pijnaken

About the photographer

Eric Pijnaken, born in the Netherlands, was passionate since his young age of photography. When he was 20 years old he won the second prize in a national competition with subway slides under construction in his hometown Rotterdam. During his career in journalism the photo remained in the background. When he moved with his wife and one of his three sons in Ardèche 25 years ago, he fully relaunches practical photography. Soon he was invited to exhibit his works, for example in Vals-les-Bains, Burzet, Lablachère, Thueyts, but also in cities such as Lyon, Narbonne, Montpellier, and collectively among others in Larochelle, Lyon, Chomérac, Montélimar, Woerden (Netherlands) and Gland (Switzerland). He is a member of the group of photographers One Photo per Day in Geneva that requires him to publish on their site every day a photo taken the same day.
Several series of her photographs are awarded by the Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) where they are currently (2019) subject of a tour with the winning works of the year 2018.
Eric Pijnaken is inspired by the Arte Povera movement ("back to the basics"), and several photographers like Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Henry Cartier-Besson, Willy Ronis. He often focuses on street photography and photo-collages about news.


Free access.


From 01/09 to 30/09/2019 between 3 pm and 6 pm. Closed on Monday.

Exhibition : Photographs by Eric Pijnaken

Exhibition : Photographs by Eric Pijnaken
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