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Mairie de Villeneuve de Berg - Villeneuve de Berg Mairie de Villeneuve de Berg - Villeneuve de Berg

Exhibition of photography, painting, sculpture

Opening hours: Du 01/09/2023 au 30/09/2023

Exhibition by Annie Sorel, Hélène Marano, Chantal Lozac'hmeur

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Presentation of the exhibition

Femininity has most often been represented by men and their imagination. This exhibition presents female nudes through three female gazes and three artistic expressions:

Annie Sorrel poetically expresses the fragile softness of a female body calling for respect. Through plays of light, reflections, his photographs have a modest sensuality melted into nature, in opposition to eroticized or denied bodies.

Hélène Marano paints from live models to capture all their energy, their strength or their fragility... They are faceless to better enter into the vibration of their bodies.

Chantal Lozac'hmeur likes to express in her sculptures the beauty of a human body, often female, and the links that unite our bodies to the whole Universe, creating hybrid beings. Also the emotions in front of the events that shake up our lives.


Free entry.

Opening times

Exhibition to be seen in Septembre 2023 From Monday to Friday 10.30 am to 12.30 and 5 to 7 pm + Saturday 10.30 am to 12.30

Exhibition of photography, painting, sculpture

Exhibition of photography, painting, sculpture
33 Grand'Rue
07170 Villeneuve-de-Berg

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