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©P.demangeon - Meyras - Exposition à table au moyen âge ©P.demangeon ©P.demangeon - Meyras - Exposition à table au moyen âge ©P.demangeon

Exhibition: at the table in the Middle Ages

Opening hours: Du 19/11/2019 au 20/03/2020

In the heart of Hautsegur Castle, discover the tableware of the Middle Ages. A scenography as a staging of tables set up in the rooms of the castle takes you back in history.(With exceptional artworks from private collections).

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Exhibition organized in two parts:

- The first is in the form of a series of panels 1 on the table in the Middle Ages, divided into thematic chapters. This educational support, with its simple and modern graphic design, was initially conceived to be presented at the Jean Fearless Tower in Paris. The texts were written by one of the best specialists on the subject, Daniele Alexandre-Bidon, whose work is at the same time a perfect scientific rigor and accessible to all. Illustrated by an abundant iconography and often unpublished, this presentation will interest both specialists and a wide audience. It will also be available in the form of a catalog sold on site at a price of 8 euros.

- The second will feature tables set up in the rooms of the castle: in the room, an aristocratic table will collect objects as spectacular as a Roman aquamanile and a nave of the fifteenth century. In the hall, a large banquet table will allow you to admire objects with a very poetic charm. Almost all of these pieces are from the collection of David Brouzet, a professor at IESA Arts & Culture. They were commissioned from talented craftsmen who perpetuate traditional know-how by copying "archaeological" models preserved in the

- A part of the collection was shown in the exhibition organized by students of Master 1 of the IESA arts & culture, All an Art: the Table. From Pompeii to Art Nouveau, held in the gallery of the establishment, quoted Griset in Paris, from March 7 to 27, 2019. In Hautsegur, the choice of works and their presentation takes into account the plan and the decoration of the castle, ensuring mutual valorization of the architecture and the collection. Some
Works like an extraordinary wicker fireplace screen were specially commissioned for the exhibition.


One price: 5 €.


From 19/11/2019 to 20/03/2020 between 2 pm and 5 pm. Closed on Monday.

Exhibition: at the table in the Middle Ages

Exhibition: at the table in the Middle Ages
Château de Hautsegur
07380 Meyras

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