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©Quetzilla - Place Montgolfier - Lamastre - 2019 ©Quetzilla - Place Montgolfier - Lamastre - 2019
©Mickaël Valet ©Mickaël Valet
©Mickaël Valet ©Mickaël Valet
©Mickaël Valet ©Mickaël Valet
©Mickaël Valet ©Mickaël Valet
©Mickaël Valet ©Mickaël Valet

An open-air art gallery

Stroll through the villages of the Pays de Lamastre, their squares and streets, and let yourself go to contemplation in front of the different works of art that you will encounter.

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Do you want to escape, to let yourself go into a daydream for a walk?
Come and live an open-air experience in complete freedom. Stroll through the streets of Lamastre and Désaignes, discovering permanent or temporary works of art.

"O gradins" - Montgolfier Square, Lamastre - creation of Quetzilla - 2019
"La jungle", showcase of the Mercadal veterinary practice - Place Seignobos, Lamastre - creation of Mickaël Valet - 2018
- Alpine", showcase of the former Fixe Auto - 22, place Montgolfier, Lamastre - created by Mickaël Valet - 2018
- La plume divine", showcase of La Plume Divine - 6, place Rampon, Lamastre - created by Mickaël Valet - 2019
- Bird of Paradise", showcase of La Belle Epoque - 2, place Rampon, Lamastre - creation by Mickaël Valet - 2018
- Toscane, end of summer", showcase of the restaurant La Pizz', in Désaignes - creation by Mickaël Valet - 2018
- Fresco on the window of the butcher's shop of Mougey, in Désaignes - Mickaël Valet's creation - 2019
- " Ardèche Verte ", permanent mural painting made with brushes and siloxane paint. On the bus shelter of Empurany - created by Mickaël Valet - 2019


Free access.

Equipments and services

Services : Pets welcome

Opening times

From 01/01 to 31/12/2022.

An open-air art gallery

An open-air art gallery
07270 Lamastre

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The Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardeche

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