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©S.BUGNON - La souche - l'ardéchoise 2 ©S.BUGNON - La souche - l'ardéchoise 2
©S.BUGNON - Prades - accueil ardéchoise ©S.BUGNON - Prades - accueil ardéchoise

The Ardechoise bicycle race

Opening hours: Du 15/06 au 16/06

Find the unmissable Ardéchoise cycle race in our villages! Welcome and refreshment points in several of our villages: Jaujac, Meyras, Prades, La Souche, Burzet. Exact route on


Free access.

Opening times

From Thursday 15 to Friday 16 June.

The Ardechoise bicycle race

The Ardechoise bicycle race
Le village
07380 Meyras

The nearest tourist office


The Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardeche

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