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Chestnut Fest in Meyras

Opening hours: Le 13/10/2019

Come celebrate the chestnut in the village of Meyras! On the menu, meet the producers, artisans and artists of our territory. This is the opportunity to meet, share a friendly and especially gourmet moment by tasting our chestnuts!

Les étapes savoureuses Ardèche®

More information

• Farmers Country Market (from 10 am),
• Artisan Market (from 10:00 am),
• Wooden games with Déambull association
• Artistic red thread 20 years:

BOUDA and BOKU, Paris graffiti artists, reinvent the game of the exquisite corpse and deliver the large fresco of the chestnut grove, a modern version.
In the morning :
• 11.45am: aperitif offered by the municipality
The afternoon :
• 2pm : Balad'âne tale "domitius" / 3,5km (1h30)
Information and reservations: Meyras Town Hall, tel. 06 40 81 74 90
• 3pm : Chestnut bugs contest, 7th edition
• 4.30pm: Balad'âne story "4 paths" / 2km (about 1h)
Departure: center of the village of Meyras
material: provide walking shoes and water (worn by donkeys)
Information and reservations: Meyras City Hall, tel. 06 40 81 74

Equipments and services

Services : Pets welcome


Sunday 13 October 2019 between 10 am and 6 pm.

Chestnut Fest in Meyras

Chestnut Fest in Meyras
Le village
07380 Meyras

The nearest tourist office


The Pont-d'Arc Cavern

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