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Groups, Home school groups, For beginners / novice
Riding centre, pony club, bording horses. Our team of instructors offers you many activities: from baby pony (3+ years old) to adults rider, from discovery to competition in three olympic disciplines.
Our riding centre has the "Riding French School" label from Riding French Federation.
An atmosphere, a framework, 30 hectares overlooking Alba-la-Romaine, good quality material, a versatile and trained cavalry, modern facilities, an attention to cleanliness and safety…
Whether you are a confirmed rider or only attracted by a walk or an initiation, Amélie and Fabrice look forward to offer you a personalized welcome. It’s Alba Équitation combination to have a good time with our companion’s horses and ponies!
NEW: a jumping arena micro sand 40x60m and a modern club house !


1209 Chemin d'Aunas
07400 Alba-la-Romaine
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