Family stroll with Randoland : the secret of the Duchy of Joyeuse

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Teenagers, Children
The Secrets of the Duchy of Joyeuse! A fun tour of the medieval town… This tour is designed as a treasure hunt. Three levels are suggested, depending on age. Available from the tourist office in Joyeuse or Les Vans.
All the clues to look for are located on elements of historical, architectural or natural heritage in the heart of Joyeuse's old town.
The Porte St Anne, the château, the Peyre, the Recluse, the goulajous… thanks to this trail, the whole family can discover the local heritage and marvel at the richness of our territory. This route description is available free of charge to visitors at the Tourist Office reception desk and can be downloaded from the website.


63 avenue François Boissel
07260 Joyeuse
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