Itinerary details

Type of route : BOUCLE
Distance : 51.6 km
Elevation gain : 1070 m
Hard coating (tar, cement, flooring)
Leaving Saint Félicien, you'll be struck by the succession of panoramic views, each more beautiful than the last. The balcony road between Nozières and Lalouvesc is a permanent delight. Finally, the descent to Pailharès is a formality.
Departing from St Félicien, birthplace of the Ardéchoise cyclosportive, you'll take on a little-known pass, but certainly one of the most beautiful in the area.
The steady climb to the Col de Fontfreyde will be a treat for the calves, unless you’ve opted for an electric-assist bike. From here, an almost flat road leads to the hilltop village of Nozières, from where the view is breathtaking. If it’s a hot summer’s day, the shade offered by the fir trees will provide you with a comforting coolness.
From Nozières, it’s another 1 km or so uphill for a further 15 km or so on a false flat, but above all with permanent views over the upper Doux valley. Here and there, you’ll see the villages of St Jeure d’Andaure, Lafarre, Rochepaule and the gourmet village of St Bonnet le Froid, already in the Haute Loire.
The final stretch just before Lalouvesc marks the last few km of ascent to over 1000m, but with plenty of shade, it’s just a formality. Take the time to visit the heritage of Lalouvesc, a sanctuary dedicated to Saint Jean François Régis and Sainte Thérèse Couderc, around the basilica, whose architect, Pierre Bossan, was also responsible for the Fourvière basilicas in Lyon and Ars.
After that, it’s all downhill fun. From the Col du Marchand, don’t miss the detour to the hilltop village of Pailharès, inviting you to take a stroll. A few more km downhill to return to the starting point, following in the footsteps of thousands of cyclists in June.

Equipments / Services

  • Charging station for 2 electric wheels


18 place de l'Hôtel de Ville
07410 Saint-Félicien
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