Meyras' treasure hunt

Itinerary details

Duration per day : 01h00
Type of route : BOUCLE
Distance : 1 km
Elevation gain : 20 m
Hard coating (tar, cement, flooring), Suitable for city strollers
In the heart of the village of character of Meyras, let's test your knowledge of this emblematic village by following the tresor hunt and showing your capacity of deduction
The tresor hunt Play-board is available (with the answers) at the tourist offices of Meyras, Jaujac, Thueyts. Answers avalaible next to the house of mules relay.
Details on marking :
Follow the eye-shaped markings in the village to answer the puzzles of the treasure hunt

Equipments / Services


Rue Grande
07380 Meyras
How do I get there?

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