Itinerary details

Duration per day : 03h00
Type of route : BOUCLE
Distance : 29.7 km
Elevation gain : 740 m
Hard coating (tar, cement, flooring)
Departing from Le Cheylard, you'll head up the Eyrieux valley. The route rises after St-Martin-de-Valamas, before reaching the remains of the Château de Rochebonne and its remarkable views of the Mézenc-Gerbier massif.
Departing from the Gare district in Le Cheylard, you'll follow the 8 km “Dolce Via”, a former railroad line that has been converted into a soft path running alongside the wild Eyrieux gorges.

After 10 km, stop off at the Atelier du Bijou for a tour of the former Murat factory in Saint-Martin-de-Valamas.

Then climb up a scenic road to the remains of the Château de Rochebonne, with its remarkable views of the Mézenc-Gerbier massif at over 980 m altitude.

At the 18th km point, take a bite to eat at Saint-Jean-Roure, before taking a small wooded road downhill for 4 km to the perched village of St-Cierge-sous-Le Cheylard.

After this scenic descent, head for the historic heart of Le Cheylard to discover the scientific and fun exhibitions at the Arche des Métiers, as well as jewellery-making techniques at the Maison du Bijou.

Equipments / Services

  • Charging station for 2 electric wheels


1 place de la Gare
07160 Le Cheylard
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