Discover the historical past of this former capital of the Huguenots. Follow the signposts and learn about the town's heritage, from the Chapelle des Récollets, to the Tour Diane de Poitiers and on to the Pont Louis XIII. An accompanying information leaflet is available at the tourist office.
Built on a rocky prominence over the narrow valleys of the rivers Ouvèze and Charalon, Privas enjoys a wooded environment and a moderate climate. Ancient Huguenot capital during the 16th and 17th centuries, its influence was felt from the « Boutières » to the Rhône river.
Besieged and destructed in 1629 by the royal troops, Privas still holds some architectural testimony of its past glory.
The Montoulon which overhangs the city, was the theater of the ultimate fight which opposed, in 1629, Louis XIIIth Swiss guards to the last Huguenots who had taken refuge in the fort which crowned it then. From the Montoulon, you will have an open view on all the region, from the mount Charray and the Rock of Gourdon (West) to the first foothills of the Alps (East). From there you will also be offered a beautiful sight on the roofs of the city and on the chapel-cathedral of Sainte-Marie Hospital.
Diane de Poitiers’ Tower
Diane de Poitiers’ Tower was built during the 15th century by the mighty family of the Poitiers Counts, Dukes of Valence and Barons of Privas. In a pure Renaissance style, it is constituted of a spiral staircase which lead to apartments which, along the centuries, housed the administrators of the barony of Privas. See it on the “place de la République », in the town centre.

Louis XIII Bridge
Louis XIII Bridge, in the 12th century is situated on a very important communication route, between Baix on the Rhône River to the Ardèche mounts. Badly damaged during the siege in 1629, King Louis XIII had it rebuilt, not out of generosity, but with the design of bettering the routes leading to Privas, and this, of course, to allow an easy entrance of his troops in the hypothesis of new rebellions!
Access : Privas, 10′ from the town centre – heading for Montelimar – on Avenue de Chomérac. At the bottom of the avenue, turn left on rue de l’Ouvèze (Brown sign at the crossroad

Recollets Park
In Privas, behind the Recollets church, this ancient priest’s garden offers calm and serenity on a quiet stroll… Access from “rue du couvent” : pedestrian path from the car park behind St Thomas Church.

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