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Marius Tavernier - Château de Largentière Marius Tavernier - Château de Largentière
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Castle of Largentière

The Castle of Largentière, sitting on top of the medieval village, cannot be visited.

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In the center, there's a square tower, called "Bastide de Bonnegarde" from the 12th century.
At the 15th century, under Episcopate of Jean de Montchenu, the castle has been extended.
From 1716 to 1723, the count of Brison rebuilt the castle inside and outside. During the Revolution, the castle had many functions: first it was a tribunal, then a jail and finally a state police force.

On June 13th of 1847, the municipality bought it and used it as an hospital – hospice. From 1858, works were executed in order to renovate the castle and make it taller.
In 1996, a new hospital – hospice has been built in Largentière and the renovations of the castle have started.


Spoken languages : English

Castle of Largentière

Castle of Largentière
Le Château
07110 Largentière

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Located at: Largentière
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