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Atelier d'artiste - Scaly

Scaly loves colour, contrasts, discrepancy and humour. She uses different techniques and materials to express her art: paintings, sculptures, collages, masks, drawings, engravings, assemblages...

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Since she was young, Scaly has been painting, drawing, tinkering, and enjoying making unusual objects by assembling various and heterogeneous materials. She creates paintings and sculptures (mixed media), collages (on canvas, wood, paper, cardboard...), drawings, engravings, and other original art objects (masks, totems, ceremonial sticks...) All these original creations invite reflection, curiosity and interpretation.


Free of charge.

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All year round. Visit of the workshop possible by appointment.

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Atelier d'artiste - Scaly

Atelier d'artiste - Scaly
Lieu-dit Les Moulins
07240 Saint-Jean-Chambre

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The Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardeche

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