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Sylvain Paradis Sylvain Paradis
Sylvain Paradis Sylvain Paradis

La saccaratoise - les conserves ardéchoises

Opening hours: Du 03/01/2024 au 19/12/2024

Our preserves are a reflection of our wonderful Ardèche department: natural and full of the flavors of our land, rich in emotion, evocative of the tastes of yesteryear...

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Our approach is to rediscover the tastes of yesteryear, working with old, sometimes defunct recipes that we are trying to bring back to life.
Our approach is, of course, artisanal, and our production is limited.
We work with foods, vegetables and meats sourced mainly from our region, and in all cases from the French market.
No additives (preservatives or others) are allowed to cross the threshold of our preserves!
Our flagship recipes include Bombine Ardéchoise, Civet de Joue de Cochon, Lardcinade, Criquant...

Equipments and services

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Opening times

From 03/01 to 19/12/2024, daily.

Type of product

Fresh and cut meats

La saccaratoise - les conserves ardéchoises

La saccaratoise - les conserves ardéchoises
1205 Route de Marsan
07370 Eclassan

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The Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardeche

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