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René Margotton Museum

Opening hours: Du 01/10/2020 au 15/10/2026

René Margotton, the "Painter of Light"'s sacred works, displayed in a XIXth century neo-gothic chapel, and also in the "mystery" room. He was awarded a major international painting prize. As a whole, no fewer than 52 works are visible.

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“Emotion and light at a museum” The neo-Gothic chapel inside the Palace of the Bishops holds around 50 paintings of René Margotton.
The five bay windows (more than 120 m2) illuminating the choir, were decorated with new stained glass crafted by the Master himself.
One of the last cubists, Margotton conceived his work according to the rigorous laws of composition using an almost architectural foundation of solidly constructed volumes. Nevertheless his work is full of powerful expression and vibrant color.


Group rate available for > 15 people.

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From 01/07 to 30/09/2017, daily. From 15/04 to 30/06, every Friday and Saturday. From 01/10 to 15/10, every Friday and Saturday.

Length of visit

60 minutes

René Margotton Museum

René Margotton Museum
16 Rue Poterne
07700 Bourg-Saint-Andéol

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