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Bruget castle

The former home of the Bruzet family around the year 1378, the castle, a listed historic monument, was built in 1594. Beautiful views over the Lignon river valley and the Tanargue highlands. Classified Historical monument since 1954.

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The current castle was built by the family of the Tower of Beins in the seventeenth century, on older remains. Then he went to Launay. Emmanuel de Launay, the famous Count of Antraigues, sold it in 1780 to a lawyer from Jaujac, Aimé Monteil.
National property during the Revolution, it was transformed into a farm and saved from ruin in the 1930s by Georges Balaÿ and his two sisters. It was the subject of restorations at that time: consolidation of the facade, repair of windows, reassembly of the large fireplace. The castle occupies a dominant position on the mountainside above the valley. His plan of mass is identical to that of the castle of Hautsegur (located in the neighboring commune of Meyras): a rectangle, flanked by two towers to the north and, to the south, of a round tower engaged in the facade enclosing the staircase. This tower would be perhaps older than the south facade and would date from the 14th century, like the west facade and the north-west corner tower. The south facade facing the valley is pierced by several rectangular windows and loopholes. A stone engraved with coats of arms was found in 1985, above the entrance door; it would be weapons of the family of La Tour de Beins. Many Masonic signs are scattered throughout the building. Inside are beautiful chimneys, in particular that of the great hall of the first floor, with its molded entablature supported by fine columns with decorated capitals. This chimney was rebuilt during the recent restorations and the stone slabs were recovered following the restoration of a chapel of Aubenas. The spiral staircase with its magnificent stone slabs ends with a "Saracen" umbel vault. From there, a small door leads into the attic where the original frame was admired by connoisseurs.

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Bruget castle

Bruget castle
07380 Jaujac

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