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©A.Renaud-Goud-ADT07 ©A.Renaud-Goud-ADT07

Chapelle Saint Cerice appelée "Gleyzette".

Opening hours: Du 01/01 au 31/12

The chapel known locally as "Gleyzette" (meaning small church) belongs to a family from Vogüé who provided it to the Sauvons le Petit Patrimoine heritage protection association in 2008 on a long-term lease.

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The association restored the chapel, then in the ruined state shown in the photo, undertaking major works which cost €95,000.
This was financed 45% by subsidies from various institutions, 32% from 288 subscribers whose names are listed in the chapel and 23% from the generosity of numerous volunteers who worked for approximately 1,350 hours, which allowed the works to be completed. The inauguration of the restored chapel took place on the 6th of April 2013.
The association continues to research the date of construction and the history of the chapel. It appears to date from the 11th century; some sources say 1079. If anyone reading this has more information we would be delighted to hear from them (
Our association is involved with other aspects of the local heritage, including the cross of Saint Cerice, which had disappeared but has recently been ‘reborn’. It is 400 metres from the chapel – continue up the hill, turn right where the paths meet and follow the signs to the cross. We have also recently (2015) cleared vegetation from the ‘quarry of Saint Cerice’, owned by the Giraud family, and have provided information panels setting out the history and processes of the quarrying operations. The quarry is about 300m further up the hill from the chapel, immediately to the left where the paths meet.
These initiatives demonstrate that success is assured if there is willingness, cooperation and motivation on the part of all concerned.
* The name “La Gleyzette” evolved in the local dialect from “l’églisette” the diminutive of ‘église’, the French word for church; hence “small church”.

Chapelle Saint Cerice appelée "Gleyzette".

Chapelle Saint Cerice appelée "Gleyzette".
07200 Vogüé

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