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Church of Saint-Gineys-en-Coiron

Opening hours: Du 01/01 au 31/12

The church is part of the National Registry of Historical monuments. Dédicate to Saint-Genest, the church is believed to date the 11th or 12th century. It has been built on an older place of worship.

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The frontage is shapeless on account of the addition of a gigantic buttress. On the other hand, the semicircular apse and the nave of cradle with a "cul-de-four" apse seem to be original. One should note at the left side of the apse's window two rocks have engraved a 6 pointed star known as the "rosaces carolingiennes" which potentially date the church to pre-roman times.

According to legend, Sainte. Renee was asked to watch over difficult children (her statue is found in the church.)

Opening times

Throughout the year : open daily.

Church of Saint-Gineys-en-Coiron

Church of Saint-Gineys-en-Coiron
07580 Saint-Gineis-en-Coiron

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