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©S.BUGNON - Burzet - Gîte et ruelle pavée du quartier médiéval ©S.BUGNON ©S.BUGNON - Burzet - Gîte et ruelle pavée du quartier médiéval ©S.BUGNON
©S.BUGNON - Burzet - Le village depuis la Tour de l'Horloge ©S.BUGNON ©S.BUGNON - Burzet - Le village depuis la Tour de l'Horloge ©S.BUGNON

The medieval district of Burzet

Opening hours: Du 01/01 au 31/12

Come lose yourself in the cobbled streets of the Middle Ages and discover the old Burzet: the remains of the feudal castle, the houses keeping the imprint of the medieval era and the old stalls of craftsmen.

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This district, close to the old castle, is probably the cradle of the village. It was the popular district with its modest houses grouped and dotted with narrow streets. There were many craftsmen, besides, a few stalls still bear witness to this activity. Looking up to the facades, you will notice the mullioned windows dating from the Renaissance (15th-16th century). In spite of their sobriety, they remind us that at that time, the decoration of the windows is enriched and serves as ornaments at home. At the turn of an alley you will notice an archery gunboat. Dating from the 15th-16th century, it comes from the castle and was used here to adorn the entrance arch of the former imperial prison.


Free access.

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Services : Guided tours

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All year round, daily.

The medieval district of Burzet

The medieval district of Burzet
07450 Burzet

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