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Saint Roch Chapel

Opening hours: Du 01/01 au 31/12

The chapel, a sacred site, was built on top of a volcanic peak. It used to have a small bell tower (since transported to the church). Inside, wooden statues (St Roch, Virgin with a Child).

More information

- oratory: Gaulish or Celtic.
- towards the 7th century: Chapel and soil of saint Bauzille. Cemetery in front.
- In the 10th century: Abandonment and disaffection of the chapel following the construction of the new Romanesque church (location of the current church "Rue de l'église").
- in 1532: Pierre de Goys Apostolic Protonotary, Prior of Burzet) buys the remains of the chapel, and a vineyard near the ancient cemetery. He built a house (High Street), and a chapel. Gift of 52 pounds for the religious service that takes every Saturday.
- around 1572: Destruction of the chapel (wars of religion), in 1640 on the Compois de Thueyts one finds "rock of st Bauzely".
- In 1718: Under Louis XV, reconstruction of the chapel by Guillaume Sauzet, priest of Thueyts. It takes the name of St Roch (saint fashionable, invoked against epidemics: plague ..., storms, drought).
Recent restorations: In 1960 by the priest Sicard: stairs, walls, and woodwork. More recently: Renovation of the roof, renovation of the facades, and interior improvements were made under the municipality of Mr. Jean Moulin.
Characteristics of this chapel: length 12m, width 7m, height 7m. Thick walls, small windows, Romanesque apse. Stoup of stone under a cross of stone. Altar of waxed wood. Way of the Cross painted by an albenassian painter Robert Petit-Lorraine.


Free access.

Opening times

All year round, daily.

Saint Roch Chapel

Saint Roch Chapel
07330 Thueyts

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