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©M.Rissoan-ADT07 ©M.Rissoan-ADT07
©Sentier des lauzes ©Sentier des lauzes
©Sentier des lauzes ©Sentier des lauzes
©Sentier des lauzes ©Sentier des lauzes


“On the Sentier des Lauzes” is a local development project started by residents of the Drobie Valley. The association invites different artists and creators to enhance the natural landscape and local heritage with their works of art.

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Art events and residencies for musicians and visual artists allow for an exchange of ideas regarding the area’s future. The works one finds along the circuit result of these residencies, which are regularly organized by the association. Hiking trail (15 km., 5 hours)

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Services : Pets welcome

Length of visit

300 minutes

07260 Saint-Mélany

The nearest tourist office


The Pont-d'Arc Cavern

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