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The artists’village perched high on an outcrop of volcanic rock dominating basalt organ pipes and centuries-old chestnut trees.

Flower-bedecked streets and narrow covered alleyways make their tortuous way through the old village, in the 16th C, as today, local people played bowls in the refreshing shade round the fountain.

In 1964, Jean Ferrat famous French singer, bought a house in the village and has lived there ever since.
He fell in love with the area, its people, and with the Ardèche mountains.

He is not the only artist to live in Antraigues ; truth be told, most of the people here are artists in their own way…
Incredible shapes and faces, both ancient and modern, surge out of the walls ; they are the work of local people. You will discover nearly a hundred of them as you amble gently through this poetic village.

Ils vont vous émerveiller