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Exhibitions in Ardeche

38 Exhibitions in Ardeche


Frédérique Gramayze
Visite de la Tour
02/07/2024 au 03/09/2024
At Saint-Laurent-les-Bains - Laval d'Aurelle


Exhibitions in Ardeche: events and salons in the region

Fashion, gastronomy, lifestyle and society, voyage… there are exhibitions programmed throughout the year in different villages and towns of the region. Don’t forget to mark your calendar!
Exhibitions in Ardeche are organised around different themes with something to please everyone. The ‘9th art and image European meeting’ celebrates comic strips during the last weekend of May. Many other exhibitions await you: painting, photography, fashion, architecture, technology… make a date to visit he permanent exhibition, ‘Doigts d’or et savantes machines en Ardeche’, to discover the surprising inventions of Ardeche.
In autumn, you can visit the exhibition on fresh mushrooms during la ‘Fête de la Science’. Experts will offer their knowledge and advice about how to identify and pick mushrooms. Always in autumn, the chestnut, an emblematic nut of Ardeche, is celebrated during the ‘Castagnades’. During summer, don’t miss the unique Art Festival in Banne (Bann’Art), which presents the works of many artists.