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Going out in Ardeche: hundreds of events all year round

No matter what time of the year you visit Ardeche, you will always have a choice of events to enjoy in Ardeche all year round. Gastronomy days, fairs, cultural and sports events…there’s something for everyone.
Land of many traditions, Ardeche organises festivals to celebrate its customs and its local products. In autumn, don’t miss the ‘Castagnades’, a day to celebrate and honour the chestnut. Other local products are also celebrated, such as squash, blueberries and wool. In August, don’t miss the celebration of Ardeche winemakers, wood and arts.
Thanks to its exceptional natural heritage, Ardeche is ideal for outdoor sports. Sports lovers can surpass their limits in events such as the ‘Trail l’Ardechois (in April), the ‘Raid VTT des Monts d’Ardeche (in June), The French, long distance triathlon Championship (in July), the international marathon in the gorges of Ardeche (in November) or the ‘Raid’O Feminin (in June).
Music, dance, cinema, humour… there are events throughout the year to quench your thirst for culture. Renowned events such as the national Festival of humorists in Tournon, the itinerant, classical music Festival, ‘Les Cordes en Ballade’, the European film festival, ‘Les Rencontres des Cinémas d’Europe’, in Aubenas, the circus Festival in Alba or the international first film festival in Annonay are excellent ideas for going out in Ardeche.