Markets in Ardeche

182 Markets in Ardeche


the 17/08/2017
At Saint-Laurent-les-Bains

the 19/08/2017
At Le Cheylard

19/08/2017 au 20/08/2017
At Joyeuse

the 20/08/2017
At Saint-Laurent-les-Bains

the 20/08/2017
At Lavilledieu

the 20/08/2017
At Saint-André-en-Vivarais

the 22/08/2017
At Saint-Jean-Chambre
 - "Tomates anciennes" by User:Popolon - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

the 22/08/2017
At Chazeaux
 - Marché nocturne - Aubenas

05/07/2017 au 23/08/2017
At Aubenas


Market shopping in Ardeche

With its mix of mountain and Mediterranean traditions, Ardeche is an area where people live and eat well.

Nowhere is this more evident that in the markets where you’ll find a wide variety of local produce that’s full of flavour and low on food miles.

Sample the flavours of the south at stalls piled with plump fruit, ripe vegetables, and farm cheeses, such as the famous picodon.
Feast your eyes (and your tastebuds) on hand-made charcuturie, wild mushroomschestnuts and truffles.

Whether in towns or villages, the Ardechois markets are real meeting places that help to maintain age-old commercial traditions and the expertise of small local producers.

And the seasonal products on sale provide customers with the healthiest, most authentic food possible.
So stroll among the stalls, taste the wares, and experience the unique atmosphere of market day for yourself.
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