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Sport Events in Ardeche

12 Sport Events in Ardeche

Sports events in Ardeche: going beyond your limits in an exceptional setting

With its mountains, forests and canyons, Ardeche offers the ideal environment for outdoor sports: marathon, trail running, Nordic skiing.
Cycling takes many forms in Ardeche. ‘L’Ardechoise’ is a world-renowned cycling event, is open to all and takes place in June. With its rough paths, the region is very popular with mountain bikers, who can also enjoy their sport by taking part in the ‘Raid VTT des Monts d’Ardeche’.
Different trails invite you to run across the steep paths of Ardeche: ‘Trail des gorges de l’Ardeche’, ‘le Boulieu Trail’, ‘la Chaussée des géants and of course, ‘L’Ardechois’.
The international Marathon in the gorges of Ardeche, in November, is a much-awaited event by canoe and kayak lovers, with a descent of 35km.
Every November, motor racing fans can enjoy the Rallye de l’Ardeche.
Some sporting events combine several sports, such as the ‘Raid’O Feminin’. This competition includes running, archery and mountain biking… For sportswomen only, the event takes place in June. The triathlon of the gorges of Ardeche, in August, is open to all participants and proposes different race distances.