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Spectacles in Ardeche

74 Spectacles in Ardeche


saison des spectacles _Arche Agglo_Espace des collines_Saint Donat - saison des spectacles _Arche Agglo_Espace des collines_Saint Donat

Show season

the 09/10/2021
At Saint-Donat-sur-l'Herbasse
cmi - festival bach_cour du cloitre_saint donat


the 09/10/2021
At Tain-l'Hermitage


Shows in Ardeche: entertainment all year round

One-man shows, circus acts, dance shows, theatre, concerts… all year round, Ardeche organises a great entertainment programme to give you a feast for the eyes and ears.
Many comedians choose to perform in Ardeche. Go and watch a show by these comedy artists. Young children will be fascinated by the puppet shows and clowns, especially during the Children’s books Festival held in Annonay, in October.
Music lovers will be able to enjoy many concerts held in Ardeche: jazz, French Song theme, slam, classical (Labeaume en musiques, in particular)… For the pleasure of the eyes, a variety of dance groups give performances in the region: hip-hop battles, ballet, modern dance… the most talented theatre groups in Ardeche also give performances in Annonay, Vals-les-Bains and Davezieux.
During summer, don’t miss the traditional fireworks of 14th July, banquets and balls and other street performances to experience the convivial spirit of Ardeche.