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Traditional Fairs in Ardeche

14 Traditional Fairs in Ardeche
09/08/2024 au 11/08/2024
At Saint-Martial

Traditional festivities in Ardeche: colourful events!

Whether they are seasonal or celebrate local products, there are many festivities and fairs in Ardeche, a rural region with a wealth of traditions. Let yourself be enchanted by the conviviality of Ardeche festivities.
If you visit Ardeche in autumn, you will not be able to miss the Castagnades. These fairs take place in the villages in celebration of chestnuts. The chestnut has been the staple food in Ardeche for a very long time. During festivities, you will have the opportunity to taste grilled chestnuts, chestnut puree and other chestnut based products. Every season, other local products are celebrated: the wool celebration day, day of the blueberry, squash day and the blood sausage fair.
Village festivities are not-to-be-missed events during summer in Ardeche. In the different villages, you will find open air balls, bars and stands, shows and fairs. In some villages like Jaujac, it is simply unimaginable to miss the traditional donkey race!