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Connexion aux chevaux, aux chênes & gemmothérapie

Reconnect with yourself with the horses and then take part in the gemmotherapy workshop!

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From 10am to 12pm: With horses: anchoring and personal space, taking the example of the great oak to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect:
-Guided visualization to anchor yourself like the great oak, listening to and protecting all parts of yourself;
-Exercises in cardiac coherence, listening to messages from the body's senses (the 5 senses) and emotions, so as to be able to respond to them at any moment, and feel safe and confident again, open to connection;
Connecting to horses with respect, trust and mutual consent: observation of all forms of non-verbal language (breathing, sighs, posture, facial expressions...) and co-regulation exercises to feel connected to the members of the herd and to the greater whole.

12pm to 2pm: Shared lunch

2 - 4 pm: Gemmotherapy workshop: connecting with oak trees, picking buds and making a macerate.
-Introduction to gemmotherapy: based on the use of plant bud extracts, rich in active ingredients.
-Picking oak buds with a conscience
-presentation of the properties of different buds
-making a macerate with the fruits of our harvest.
You'll leave with your own creations.
No knowledge of horses is necessary to participate in this workshop.

Your Facilitators :
Sophie RATY of S'unir à Soi et au Vivant grâce à l'enseignement et la sagesse des chevaux, psychopraticienne en thérapie transpersonnelle facilitée par le cheval,
Michèle Robert of Plantes & Cie, les ateliers du vivant,
the 11 horses of the herd and the great oaks of Domaine Fournery - Baraud

Price: €50

To register, please contact Sophie on 06 11 76 97 18 or by e-mail:


Full price: 50 €.

Opening times

Sunday 7 April 2024 between 10 am and 4 pm.

Connexion aux chevaux, aux chênes & gemmothérapie

Connexion aux chevaux, aux chênes & gemmothérapie
1715 Route de Fournery
07170 Villeneuve-de-Berg

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