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Construction of igloo and snowshoes

Come play Eskimos and spend a fun afternoon with the construction of igloos on the watershed in the Monts d'Ardèche. From 6 years. Easy (1km walking snowshoes). Group of individuals, departure from 6 pers.

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Construction of igloos on the watershed in the Monts d'Ardèche. The eastern edge of the central massif, including the Monts d'Ardèche, has good snow to make the most beautiful igloos with the family.

Spend the day in the Ardèche mountains by participating in the morning activity 'Traces of animals and signs of life in winter'. You can take your picnic in the shelter in the farm of Pré Lafont.

Next departure at your convenience (according to calendar availability on our website for booking)

Program: Departure in snowshoes from 2pm from the farm to reach the most suitable and snowy place for the construction of igloos. We reach the ridge line and the water sharing at 1200 meters altitude and located about 1 km (15 minutes walk). Thanks to our snow shovels, crate (snow mold) and saw, we can build several igloos with different techniques. Your mountain guide will also explain the rules for building a survival igloo and discuss the concepts of safety in winter.

Equipment to be provided:
> For the hike:
- Backpack 15 to 30 litres
- Drinks and snacks
- Waterproof hiking boots suitable for snowshoeing
- Gore-tex type jacket with hood
- Waterproof pants or overalls or ski suit for the little ones
- Fleece jacket
- 2 pairs of gloves - Imperative
- Bonnet
- Sunglasses
- Lip and skin protection
- A snow shovel if available

A hot drink will be offered during the activity


One price: 16 to 32 €.

Equipments and services

Equipments : Car park

Opening times

From 01/02 to 04/03/2024, daily.

Construction of igloo and snowshoes

Construction of igloo and snowshoes
888 route de la Brousse
07450 Burzet

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The Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardeche

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