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Opening hours: Du 01/01 au 31/12

In Mercuer, in the heart of the Cévennes in the Ardèche, this garden like no other first catches the eye with its beauty and diversity. The texts and multimedia content tell the story, document, move and challenge.

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There are 6 areas of interest: the 21 works (sculptures or installations), the architectural arrangements based on the Arts and Crafts, the poetry offered from bench to bench, the botanical collections including its 100 varieties of rose, the great diversity of filmed and photographed fauna and finally the technological aspect.
Jean-Claude Millet, the garden's creator, is also a member of the Académie des Technologies, and shares his work on the richness of this area.
Mercurart's project to produce a work under the aegis of aesthetics, a discipline conceptualised by Jean-Claude Millet, is supported by an SAS with a mission. Aesthetics implies a way of thinking, a way of being and a way of doing. It applies both to the intention of the work and to the work itself.
It never dissociates the beautiful and the good, whatever the fields from which it draws its practices: the arts, literature, science, technology...
With Joël Paubel, she came up with the idea of a greenhouse for growing virtual plants such as "the flowers of Compassion, the trees of Altruism, the oaks of Fraternity, the poppies of the Sermon on the Mount and the roses of Trust".
It prefigured a virtual scale that weighs Equality by placing Liberty on one pan and Fraternity on the other.
But, "Everything that can be measured is deprived of the reality that cannot be measured". So, far from the conformist technological projects of the adventurers of the conquests of external territories that call into question the homeostasis of the planet, the Mercurart garden and its places of residence are a space of artistic and technological creation turned towards the progress of man towards Man.


Adult: from 8 €
Student: from 4 €
Job seeker: from 4 €.

Group rate available for > 12 people.

Equipments and services

Equipments : Car park
Services : Educational visits Themed tour Shop Guided tours
Proposed Activities : Activity

Opening times

Every day throughout the year. Closed on Monday.


Spoken languages : English

Length of visit

120 minutes


124 route du Ranchet
07200 Mercuer

The nearest tourist office


The Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardeche

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