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© A.Renaud-Goud-ADT07 - Pédalo au lac d'Issarlès © A.Renaud-Goud-ADT07 - Pédalo au lac d'Issarlès
©M.Dupont-ADT07 - Escalade au lac d'Issarlès ©M.Dupont-ADT07 - Escalade au lac d'Issarlès
©C.Fougeirol-ADT07 - Le lac d'Issarlès au printemps ©C.Fougeirol-ADT07 - Le lac d'Issarlès au printemps
©Ph.Fournier-ADT07 ©Ph.Fournier-ADT07
© A.Renaud-Goud-ADT07 © A.Renaud-Goud-ADT07
© A.Renaud-Goud-ADT07 © A.Renaud-Goud-ADT07

Issarles Lake

Opening hours: Du 09/07 au 31/08

A classified site, Lake Issarlès fills a former volcanic crater, or maar. It covers a surface area of 90ha (240 acres) and goes down to the extraordinary depth of more than 108m.

More information

You can walk all the way round it in a good hour along the 5km, shady, marked footpath.

Opening times

Throughout the year : open daily.

Issarles Lake

Lake, Mountain lake
Altitude971 m
Issarles Lake
Le village
07470 Le Lac-d'Issarlès

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The Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardeche

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