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Saint André church

Opening hours: Du 01/01 au 31/12

The 15th century church of Saint André is classified as a Historic Monument. Made of granite stone of the country, it constitutes a remarkable and surprising ensemble by its architecture: Romanesque style outside and gothic characteristics inside.

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The facade, enclosed by two pilasters, is surmounted by a five-arcade bell tower, all housing a bell. Above the door, decorated by a lintel with two braces, a Latin inscription informs us about the date of construction of the building: 1451, and on the masters of work: Pierre Eye of Beef, Bathélémy Megan and Claude Ayraut, all three of Burzet. Once inside, the visitor is surprised by the cross ogives and the multitude of decorative elements. In 1617, the central vault was destroyed by Protestants. During its reconstruction, four years later, it will not be redone with warheads which we still see today the primer on the pillars. At the French Revolution, the church of Burzet does not escape destruction: the furniture is devastated and the bells melted. Thus, the baroque altarpiece that you see today dates from 1810. It was carved in pine heart by Pierre Testut of the Béage. The white marble altar of 1853 is finely decorated. Many statues adorn this church. You will recognize St. Augustine, St. Francis Regis, St. Paul, St. Francis de Salles or Saint Benezet, the famous burzetin shepherd, builder of the Pont d'Avignon. The stained glass windows, created by Michel Chapuy and made by the master glassmaker Balayin de Loriol, date from 1956, the time of the restoration of the building. They offer a subtle play of color with dark colors for the nave and much clearer for the choir.


Free access.

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All year round, daily.

Saint André church

Saint André church
Rue de l'église
07450 Burzet

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