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A. Trevet A. Trevet

"Gouls du Vallon de Tourne" Springs

Two springs burst from either side of the sculpture of Mithra (Roman god of Indo-Persian origin) in Vallon de Tourne. They are called Goul de La Tannerie (little Goul) and Goul du Pont (big Goul).

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On the left hand site of the entry to this site one can find an antique wash house, that has been supplied with water of the two sources. Furthermore there is an old tannery, that gave its name to one of the sources.

"200 paces from the town one can find the fountaines of Tourne-...). On both sides of a low relief are two basins. One has the shape of a semicircle... The second one is partly covered from a natural arcade, that consists of a rock..." (translated according to: Etienne Madier, "Mémoire sur la topographie médicale de Bourg Saint Andéol", 1780).

It is not a real source, but a resurgence. After dives in the year 1982, the diving team around Bertrand Léger could draw a detailled topography of the small goul. The sources hide a labyrinth of profound corridors whose exact depth is not known. They are very popular among divers that try to complete the topography and reach new records of depth (209m, european record), but it is dangerous.


Free access.

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Equipments : Car park

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All year round, daily opened.

"Gouls du Vallon de Tourne" Springs

Waterfall, Spring, River, Natural wonder, Rock
"Gouls du Vallon de Tourne" Springs
07700 Bourg-Saint-Andéol

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