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Lône de la Roussette

La Lône de la Roussette has been a protected area (Arrêté Préfectoral de Protection de Biotope) since 2000. The protected area includes the lône, the right bank of the Rhône and the Escoutay.

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Lône (fluvial appendix) de la Roussette. The APPB (decrees of the district to protect the biotope) is part of the site Natura 2000 of the Moyenne Vallée du Rhône. Measures are taken to conserve the site. They help to promote the environmental resource management of the alluvial forests and the conservation of the beneficial habitats to protect the regional species on the site. On a surface of 30 hectares, the area consists of 27 types of trees, 25 types of bushes, 22 types of aquatic plants, 43 herbal species, 80 bird species, 17 fish species, 17 mammals, 5 amphibians, 6 reptiles …


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Lône de la Roussette

Lône de la Roussette
07220 Viviers

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