Castle of the Lower Town, rue de la Gravenne

This district dates back to the end of the 12th century. Important road of passage, the street underwent many demolitions after its promotion in "route royale", royal road in 1720. However, there are still beautiful facades from 1633 which with the roofs form a protected site, registered.
Castle of the Lower Town (private property)
The “Château”, a manor house with a beautiful Renaissance tower, can not be visited. The black stone, easy to work, used here is the “lahar”, material from mudslide mingled with volcanic slag and lava. See above on the left the “Joouselou”, sculpture of an angel.
Originally a defensive building with a blind facade, a round tower now starved; there was a large rectangular tower demolished in 1935.
The small chapel, connected to the castle by its footbridge was surmounted by the study of notaries Valentin in the fifteenth and sixteenth century.
Here was the most important toll of the northern Cevennes.
Next to the castle, on the small square, area to beat the flail used until about 1960, a cross of the plague with its buboes carved on the right foot.

Opening / Rates

Free access. The interior of the castle is a private property, this part is not available to visit.


07560 Montpezat-sous-Bauzon
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