Pont d’Arc and the Ardeche gorges

The natural wonder of the Pont d’Arc

Just 5km from Vallon Pont d’Arc is a spectacular emblem of Ardeche.  A natural arch spanning the Ardeche river, the rock formation towers 54m above the water and is the starting point of the famous Ardeche Gorges.  High above the ravine, this protected natural area hides the decorated Pont d’Arc cave, better known as the Chauvet Cave.  Inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list since 2014, the cave is regarded as ‘Man’s first great masterpiece’ and has established the reputation of the gorges as an important prehistoric and touristic site across the world.

The Pont d’Arc site is managed in such a way as to give visitors an unmissable view over the Ardeche river and make it accessible for everyone.  During the season, a shuttle bus runs regularly from the Pont d’Arc-Ardeche Tourist Office. 

The Ardeche Gorges and Pont d’Arc in all weathers

3,2,1 … Set up camp! 

Whatever your mode of transport, camping in the Gorges is child’s play with a variety of campsites to suit everyone.  But remember that all wild camping is forbidden, only one overnight stay is allowed at each campsite, and you must reserve your pitch in advance.  So visitors need to organise themselves before they arrive and take responsibility both for themselves and the environment. 


Did you know?

Five million years ago, the Ardeche river carved more than 30km of canyon out of the limestone. 

A playground for sports enthusiasts and daredevils! 

There are so many activities to try in the Ardeche Gorges.  Go caving and canoeing, hiking, cycling, and canyoning.  But do ramp up your cardio training and weight training because you will paddle the river for 32km long! Or you could simply watch other people doing the Gorges Marathon in November or the Ardeche Rally in October – far less tiring! 

The unique site of the Pont d’Arc 

A gem of Southern Ardeche and the Ardechois Cevennes, the Pont d’Arc is impressive from any angle.  Created 124,000 years ago when the river broke through the rock, it stands 54 metres high and 60 metres wide.  Admire its dimensions from the beaches at water level or from the high-level viewpoint beside the road. 

Landscape of the Ardèche gorges in spring, under the myst

The Natural Reserve of the Ardeche Gorges

The Ardeche Gorges have been designated as a Natural Reserve since 1980, a classification which allows human activities to take place whilst respecting natural ecosystems.

Prepare and book my stay around Ardeche Gorges

What outdoor sports can you do in the area?

A wide range of activities are possible in and around the Gorges: canoe-kayak, hiking, biking, climbing, caving, electric scooters, horse riding, walking with donkeys, trail running, swimming and paddlingSet off on your own or with a guide. 

How can you explore the Ardeche Gorges?

There are many possibilitiesBy bike, on foot, by car or motorbikeThe road that runs along the top of the gorge is dotted with plenty of places to park up and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. 

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